Saturday, August 28, 2010

In Which We Learn French and Consider the Aerodynamic Qualities of Undergarments

Were you here for the beginning of our Ray Neades tribute weekend, last night? If not (or if so, what the heck) you have a shot at Ray Neades Weekend Part Deux (which is French for SATURDAY). That's tonight.

If you don't know who Ray Neades is, you won't have to go far to find someone who does. The guy knew pretty much everyone in music. All roads lead to Ray Neades, including roads like The Upper Crust, The Stinkin' Lincolns and of course Beefy DC. Tonight would make Ray proud. Check it out.

Other notable notes include (queue rabid screaming) Black Francis. This is that show where we act all "yeah, right, whatever" because we are so very cool, and then he gets on stage and we start looking for underwear to throw. It can't be helped. He is a genius and getting to see him play solo is a rare treat indeed.
(hyperventilates into paper bag)

There's more, much more. Here, look:

August 28, 9pm $10
Ray Neades Tribute Weekend with:
The Upper Crust
The Stinkin' Lincolns
Beefy DC
Yes, we already told you about this. Just making sure you're paying attention.

August 29, 4pm $10
Incredible Casuals
Time's ticking, people. This Sunday, next Sunday and that's all she wrote. Get here and make it snappy.

August 31, 10pm, $5/free with pass
Reggae Night with DJ Bud E Green

September 2, 10pm $20
Black Francis
Frank Black, Black Francis, Pixies' Frontman, Evil Genius - whatever you want to call him (did you know he's writing a children's book?), he's here and we can't wait for the show to start.
Get tickets now. Just do it: Frank Black Tickets

September 3, 10pm $10
Pete Witham and the Cozmik Zombies
Pete killed it in June so we're making him come back and do it again.
He toured for two years as lead guitarist with Spookie Daly Pride, opening for musicians such as Les Claypool?s Frog Brigade, Arrested Development, Bob Dylan, and other major bands. He returned to Portland and began playing rockabilly music with his long time rhythm guitarist and singer Steve Dunphy. After playing several local shows as an acoustic act, the duo caught the eye of local roots musician/producer Haakon Kallweit, who immediately put together a top notch lineup to play Pete's original music. In short, he's all that and you will like him.

September 4, 10pm $10
The Boston Naturals
You know we don't do cover bands, right? So if we do a cover band, you can rest assured that it's not going to suck. The Boston Naturals play all the best stuff off your iPod, and then some. Those crazy kids.

Might as well keep going here. Don't worry, we'll remind you of all this later...

September 5, 4pm $10
Incredible Casuals
This show? Classic Beachcomber with special guests galore. It's like opening night but, you know, at the end.

September 5, 10pm $15
The Beautiful Girls
TBG have released five independent albums, including this year's album SPOOKS. As well as building an audience in Australia, they have toured through the US (10 times), Europe and the UK (five times), Japan (4 times) and Brazil (2 times). They are total jet-setters, especially to Japan and Brazil, where they have had extensive airplay, had their music featured on commercials and had a host of magazine articles written about them.
Get your beautiful tickets here: The Beautiful Girls

September 6
We're not ready to say goodbye yet. In fact, forget we mentioned September 6.

Don't forget! We serve our dinner menu late night because dinner is the most important meal of the day. Or something like that.

And speaking of dinner, the neighbor who's been feeding your dog while you're on vacation? She called and says she wants a Beachcomber t-shirt.

Which we have.

Glad to help.

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