Sunday, June 5, 2011

Clams! Casuals! Adjectives!

Wherever shall you go, whatever shall you do? Take it easy, Scarlett, we've got you covered.

First, come on down to Clam Jam this Thursday! Fork over a $25 donation at the door and support our Pan Mass team. It's almost like riding across the state yourself except it's way less tiring and there are more clams.* Food's served 4-8pm. We're dishing up fried clams, clam chowder, deliciousness from the raw bar, steamers, steamed littlenecks, boneless Buffalo wings, chicken fingers, and salad for you herbivores. Music starts at 4:00 with The Elbows, 6:00 The Rip it Ups, 7:15 Randy and the Oak Trees. Kids under 10 are free even though half the time they eat more than the adults. We need to think that one through for next year.

Friday is Orgone. We wanted to tell you how great this band is but know you're pressed for time so we condensed only the most interesting of adjectives from their bio. Orgone plays funk, soul, afrobeat, deep rhythms with raw funk power, down home transcendental, tough and gritty funk, fiery soul, hard hitting afro-soul & funk, Memphis-drenched laid-back and cosmic apocalyptic sound with cold-blooded funk gems, lethal neck-busting bass, a deep hypnotic funk soundscape, undeniably hip-shaking, sub-atomic gut punch, heavy psychedelic groove that's 100% organic heart and soul.**

Maybe you better just watch the video.
and then get tickets.

Our perennial favorite DJ Bud E Green spins the next couple Saturdays until Galactic bumps him into next week on June 25. More on Galactic later except you should get your tickets now or you'll get shut out and will have to.... I don't know, dance to your ringtone or something.

Oh hey, guess who's playing Sunday afternoon? Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... The Incredible Casuals!!! 5pm (but you knew that). Yes, we know you are lost and confused without the Casuals every Sunday. We're trying to help. We really are.

Here's the lineup, all orderly-like:

Thursday, June 9, 4pm, $25
Clam! Jam! Pan Mass Fundraiser
The Elbows, The Rip It Ups, Randy and the Oak Trees

Friday, June 10, 10pm, $10

Saturday, June 11, 10pm, $10 (or free with Season Pass)
DJ Bud E Green

Sunday, June 12, 5pm, $10
Incredible Casuals

See you in the dunes!

*At lease we hope so. We're thinking clams and long bike trips are a bad idea.
**That is totally best read aloud.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer 2011, here we come!

It's here! It's now! It's summer!

Pay no attention to the weather out there – summer starts this Thursday. If you're not feeling the summer love yet, fear not. You will.

Doors open at 9pm on Thursday for the official kick-off season opener hoopla. We've got The Ticks, The Greenheads and Earth Junior playing and we'll give you a free season pass with each paid admission! What does that get you? Free parking in our lot (don't dawdle though. It fills up), and free or discounted admission on selected shows like the locals party on Monday. But we'll get to that.

On Friday we have Dub Apocalypse - a band we love, full of people we love: Tommy B (John Browns Body),Timo Shanko (G Love & Special Sauce), Dana Colley (Morphine), Ken Clark (Ken Clark Trio), Johnny Trama (Nate Wilson Group, B3 Kings, Peter Prince & the Trama unit). Boston Music Awards winner for Best International Artist of the Year. Again, you get a free season pass with your paid admission.

Saturday is Zili Misik - winner of the 2008 Boston Music award for "Outstanding International Act of the Year." Zili Misik is an 8-piece world-music band that draws heavily on Afrobeat and Brazilian rhythms, bridging cultures and continents with explosive music that connects spirituals, blues, jazz, reggae, samba, gospel and soul.

Sunday late afternoon is the World Famous (literally) happy hour with the Incredible Casuals. Doors open at 4pm. This is one of just a couple Casual Sundays this summer, so don't miss it!

At 10pm come see The Refugee All-Stars – a band of Sierra Leonean musicians who have been living as refugees in the West African nation of the Republic of Guinea. We loved them the last time they came and we can't wait to see them again. A brutal, decade long civil war (1991-2002) in Sierra Leone forced the band members from their homes. It took the lives of many of their loved ones and has left them with physical and emotional scars that may never heal. However, what the war could never take from them was their music. Through music The Refugee All Stars have found a place of refuge, a sense of purpose and a source of power. You can feel it in their music and see it on their faces. If you haven't seen them before, you're in for a huge treat. If you have, you've probably already bought your ticket:

Remember that season pass you scored on Thursday (or Friday)? Use it on Monday and come to our locals party for free. Five bucks if you failed to score your pass (you'll have one more shot next week). A line-up of our most local locals: 5:30 Settie and Zack Dixon (Ball and Chain), 6:15 The Sunsharks, 7:00 Candor, 7:45 Squidda.

Now that's a party.

It all starts Thursday, but in the meantime you can watch us clean! Who doesn't love watching other people clean? Behold, the dining cam:

Other business: You've seen our new website, right? It has all the stuff you loved from the last one (webcams, links, surf reports) plus a calendar you can import and make your very own. Handy, that. We're adding new shows to the calendar all the time and you're not going to want to miss what we've got in the works. Check it:

Season highlights so far include: Galactic (6/25), G. Love (6/26), The Lemonheads (7/8), Urge Overkill (7/11), Donovan Frankenreiter (7/13, 7/14), Old 97s (7/15), King Yellowman (8/14), J. Mascis (8/15), John Brown's Body (8/18, 8/19) and more to be announced. These shows will sell out, so go to the calendar, click the link, and buy your ticket now. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Here's your weekend schedule (for the people out there who need nice, tidy lists):

Thursday: Open at 9pm. $10. The Ticks The Greenheads Earth Junior

Friday: 10pm - $15. Dub Apocalypse

Saturday: 10pm - $10. Zili Misik

Sunday (2 shows):

4pm - $10. World Famous Happy Hour with The Incredible Casuals

10pm - $20. The Refugee All-Stars

Monday: $5/ free with pass. 5:30 Settie and Zack Dixon (Ball and Chain), 6:15 The Sunsharks, 7:00 Candor, 7:45 Squidda

See you soon! Summer begins and ends here and we are READY.