Thursday, June 25, 2009

John Brown's Body and oh so much more

What's that you say? It's not hot enough for you? Well grab your ice packs, 'cause it's heating up fast.

This Friday (June 26 @ 10pm) the Beachcomber welcomes John Brown's Body. Perhaps you heard about the last time they were on our stage? The Travel Channel came by and concluded that when it comes to the sexiest beach bars in the world, the Beachcomber is number 10. Now we know there's nothing sexier than sand dunes, shellfish, a cold beer and YOU, but you have to admit that John Brown's Body probably punched
it up a notch. JBB's cd "Amplify" debuted on the Billboard reggae charts at number 1. You can listen to some of the tracks here:
Doors open at 8pm. $20

Saturday (June 27 @10pm)
The Heavy Pets' melodic groove is just what your weekend needs. They'll be here fresh from Bonnaroo, via House of Blues. You can listen to them here:
Hmmmm, Phishy!

On Sunday there are two shows:
4pm - Incredible Casuals ($10)
10pm - Roots of Creation ($5)

You know about Incredible Casuals (and if you don't? We have no words. Except maybe "where have you been?")

Listen to Roots of Creation here:
Relix magazine calls them "Reggae -Funk - Rock that erupts on stage, severing artist-audience barriers while summoning fans to join them in an awakening." The good people at Relix tend to know what they're talking about. Do come see.

We have one crazy summer planned for you! Check out the calender to see what's coming and plan accordingly:

And did we mention that the Wellfleet Beachcomber has over 4,000 fans on Facebook? Not bad considering we were all "Facebook? Huh?" a month ago. You people never cease to amaze us. If you're on Facebook and haven't dropped by our page, please do. The fan pix are awesome and from time to time we have breaking news that we know you'll dig. Say hello! Contribute! It is nothing without you.

And that, my friends, is that.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fiery Furnaces at the Comber this weekend!

As of tomorrow (Friday) the Beachcomber will be open 7 days a week for your drinking, dining and dancing pleasure.

Did someone say dancing? Prepare to do some! We have the Rip It Ups gracing our stage on Friday at 10pm, followed by the Fiery Furnaces on Saturday at 10pm and the Incredible Casuals on Sunday at 4pm.

In the highly unlikely event that you have not heard, the Rip It Ups are a combination of some of the finest musicians to grace our stage. They're like a brain trust of musical talent. And they will get you dancing.

And oh, what can we say about Fiery Furnaces? NPR called it a "sonically adventurous sound." One fan called them "delightfully kitschy and so ahead of our times." Their latest album, "I'm Going Away," comes out on Thrill Jockey next month. Often compared to The White Stripes, Fiery Furnaces' Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger are not to be missed this weekend.

(Read the NPR story and listen here:

And did you see that the Radiators are coming back in August?!? Tell you what, it just keeps getting better around here. Now if only it would quit raining.

See you in the dunes!

coming attractions, via Bill O

When Bill O'Neill says the Beachcomber has the best line up it's had in years, you know it's good. He wrote about our coming attractions here.

Bill O’Neill has written for the Cape Cod Times, the Boston Globe, the London Sunday Times, CMJ New Music Monthly, the Harvard Independent, the National Enquirer and a batch of other publications. We are always delighted beyond measure to see him at the Comber.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Good Day on the Beach

We got a nice little shout out from Paulie's Point of View here. Thanks! Come see us again the next time you're in town!

Friday, June 5, 2009

opening day, before the parking jam

We scored our very own weather report video!

video by Eric Williams, courtesy Cape Cod Times

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Clam Jam tomorrow! plus more weekend antics

Clam Jam! It's one of those things where you get more than your money's worth AND support a great cause. What's not to like? Clam Jam is our Pan Mass fundraiser and it happens tomorrow (Thursday) from 4pm to midnight. Between 4 and 8pm we'll be dishing up mussels, steamed littlenecks, chowder, salad, fried clams, and fries - as well as chicken fingers for the under age set. It's a family thing! Tickets are $20 if you come in time for food, $10 for the late arrivals who just want music (8pm). Rip-it-Ups, Earth Junior and Bone are donating their time and talent to help raise money for cancer research - from when it gets dark to midnight.

And then there's Spouse on Friday. Go to their myspace page and watch the videos:
They write some catchy little numbers - and it's just 8 bucks for a night of original music. Won't it be great to tell everyone you saw them at the Comber? Yes. It will be.

Saturday is Reggae Night with DJ Bud E Green - $10, or free with your season pass!

Sunday at 4pm is your next golden opportunity to see the Casuals. Come early for some lunch - you'll need the extra energy once you hit the dancefloor.

On Monday we're closed, unless you are a member of the Nauset Regional High School graduating class. In that case, mi Comber es su Comber. We're hosting the 14th annual BBQ banquet for the seniors. Congratulations, class of 2009!

Then we'll be dark for a few days, so if you need a Beachcomber fix, please plan your week/weekend wisely.

See you at Clam Jam!

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Shows are appearing on the calender all the time, so check in obsessively. Dinosaur Jr. is the latest new addition! Tickets here:

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This Just In.......

Foorget Land Of The Lost this summer, the real Dinosaur's, Dinosaur Jr. are coming to the Beachcomber August 14th!!! Tickets on sale now. This show will sell out so act quickly!