Thursday, August 27, 2009

hurricanes, vacations and reggae (not in that order)

Anyone who's stayed right on the beach in the off season can tell you, there's nothing like it. Wake up to a salty breeze and listen to gulls and surf. Make a cup of coffee, sit on the deck, and be in a hurry for absolutely nothing. Or wake up with the birds and head down to Cahoon Hollow Beach. Have breakfast in town. Take a drive to Provincetown. Visit the rest of Cape Cod National Seashore. It's all still there, just much less crowded.

Why are we tormenting you with this idea? Because we think you need a vacation, and we have just the cottage for you. There's still some September availability in the Comber cottages, just on the other side of the road from the club. Newly renovated, beautifully appointed, and ideally located, these cottages are the place to unwind and enjoy some of the finest days Cape Cod can dish up.

Give us a shout and we'll hook you up (click the link for pictures):

But it's not September yet! We still have a lot of lobsters to cook and a heap of live music is coming our way.

Friday, August 28, 10pm $10
Nate Mott Band
Think Donavon Frankenreiter, Jason Mraz, and Sublime. Now think original songs and four hardworking young musicians. Listen to them on their website and you've got it.

Saturday, August 29, 10pm $10
Roots of Creation
We're lucky enough to get them back for a second show this summer (their tour schedule will make your head spin). Apparently they like Cahoon Hollow Beach as much as we do!

Sunday, August 30, 4pm $10
Incredible Casuals
Last non-holiday Sunday afternoon show!

Tuesday, September 1, 10pm $15
Tarrus Riley
The New York Times just did a great piece on Tarrus Riley. See it here:
And then see him HERE!
Tickets on sale now:

Looks like Hurricane Danny is dropping by for a visit this weekend. As much as we could probably do without hurricanes, it would kind of be a shame to miss out on the hurricane Danny jokes. Feel free to leave yours on our Facebook page:

Have a great day! We'll see you in the dunes.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tickets on sale now!

Oh baby it is HOT!

You know what's good when it's hot? The condensation from a plastic cup held to your forehead, a little something from the raw bar, a whole heap of your closest friends and a view of the Atlantic. We have an entire Cape Cod vacation, right here waiting for you! We even have the t-shirt (buy at the club, at our store on Rte. 6, or online!)

It's been so great seeing all your happy faces here in Cahoon Hollow. What a summer it's been so far! It seems a lot of people have taken the advice of one reviewer at Trip Advisor:

"...go to the Beachcomber, early and often. I insist. Just don't take my seat at the bar."

We think it's an excellent idea. Have something to add? By all means, put it here:

It's been a banner year for live music! A bunch of shows have sold out (like tonight's Wailer's show), and the remaining national acts are on the verge of selling out. Click the links (below) and buy your tickets now! No foolin'.

Here's what's going down:

Thursday, August 20, 10pm, $8
Jeff Tuohy Band
This is one hardworking dude. From Northampton, MA, Jeff Tuohy brings us some of this summer's fine, original songwriting. He was new to the Beachcomber in July, and we liked him enough to invite him back for a second show.

Friday, August 21, 10pm $20
John Brown's Body
Another second show of the summer, we booked this one because our phones were ringing off the hook long after the first show sold out. Tickets are on sale now, and going fast:

Saturday, August 22, 10pm $15
Amy Ray Band (of Indigo Girls)
This one's for Indigo Girls fans as well as folks who are looking for something much edgier. Whatever you do, don't come looking for half an Indigo Girls show. Where the Indigo Girls are stripped-down, Amy’s solo albums are urgent, loud, and defiant. Her latest, "Didn't it Feel Kinder" is out on Daemon Records.
Open this link in another tab, buy tickets, and come back to finish reading:

Sunday, August 23, 4pm $10
Incredible Casuals

Monday, August 24, 10pm $5 (free with pass)
Dance Night with DJ Nomad

Tuesday, August 25, 10pm $5 (free with pass)
Reggae Night with DJ Bud E. Green

Wednesday, August 26, 10pm $5
Earth Jr.
Playing their own original songs, sprinkled with clever covers, this band rocks. They're also some darn good people.

It's only fair to tell you (you clever people who signed up for these emails AND read to the bottom) that although Easy Star All-Stars don't play for a couple weeks, tickets are on sale now. And you guessed it, they're going fast.

And that, my friends, is that.

Be cool.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dinosaur Jr., the Original Wailers, what more do you want?!?!

Quit yer dilly-dallying! Tickets for this week's upcoming shows are barely still available. If you want to come see Dinosaur Jr. and the Wailers (no, they're not playing together, but that would certainly be something), click the links now.

Alright then. To the schedule:

Friday night is the aforementioned giant of alt rock, Dinosaur Jr. How much do we love Dinosaur Jr.? A. Lot.
Friday, August 14, 10pm $20
Band website:

On Saturday we have Apollo Sunshine!
This is one of the shows where everyone who works at the Beachcomber shows up and stays all night. Consider it Beachcomber Approved. Conscientious lyrics, trippy melodies and a whole lot of jam will make you dance and be happy.
Saturday, August 15, 10pm $12
tickets on sale now:
Band website:

Because it is summer, Incredible Casuals are playing on Sunday afternoon. And all is right with the world.
Sunday, August 16, 4pm $10

It's Dance Night with DJ Nomad!
Monday, August 17, 10pm $5 (free with pass)

And we must have our reggae, now mustn't we?
Reggae Night with DJ Bud E. Green
Tuesday, August 18, 10pm $5 (free with pass)

And speaking of reggae...
Wednesday brings us The Original Wailers. What more can we possibly say?
Wednesday, August 19, 10pm $20
Tickets on sale now but you better hurry:
band site:

Don't forget, there's a whole glorious menu of chow available late night. You asked for something more than nachos, and we listened. Come and get it.

See you in the dunes!