Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dinosaur Jr., the Original Wailers, what more do you want?!?!

Quit yer dilly-dallying! Tickets for this week's upcoming shows are barely still available. If you want to come see Dinosaur Jr. and the Wailers (no, they're not playing together, but that would certainly be something), click the links now.

Alright then. To the schedule:

Friday night is the aforementioned giant of alt rock, Dinosaur Jr. How much do we love Dinosaur Jr.? A. Lot.
Friday, August 14, 10pm $20
Band website:

On Saturday we have Apollo Sunshine!
This is one of the shows where everyone who works at the Beachcomber shows up and stays all night. Consider it Beachcomber Approved. Conscientious lyrics, trippy melodies and a whole lot of jam will make you dance and be happy.
Saturday, August 15, 10pm $12
tickets on sale now:
Band website:

Because it is summer, Incredible Casuals are playing on Sunday afternoon. And all is right with the world.
Sunday, August 16, 4pm $10

It's Dance Night with DJ Nomad!
Monday, August 17, 10pm $5 (free with pass)

And we must have our reggae, now mustn't we?
Reggae Night with DJ Bud E. Green
Tuesday, August 18, 10pm $5 (free with pass)

And speaking of reggae...
Wednesday brings us The Original Wailers. What more can we possibly say?
Wednesday, August 19, 10pm $20
Tickets on sale now but you better hurry:
band site:

Don't forget, there's a whole glorious menu of chow available late night. You asked for something more than nachos, and we listened. Come and get it.

See you in the dunes!

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