Friday, December 5, 2008

Consider your shopping done

Hey, there's yet another great reason to stay on your couch this holiday season! We just launched a new website for the Comber Store: There are t-shirts and sweatshirts, hats, stuff for the kids, lots of gift ideas and... oh just go look already.

Our seasonal sale has started, with some great new deals on sweatshirts and t-shirts - many at 50% off. Get more bang for your buck!

Keep an eye out for the occasional "Catch Of The Day", and you might just land yourself a sweet deal on that favorite shirt, sweat, or other 'Comber goodie.

Visit the Your Pix link ( It's customer-submitted photos of our Comber gear in action. Go see what's there, and then submit some pictures of your own globe-trotting selves!

If you're up and out, the Beachcomber store is open from noon to 6pm every day, from December 6 through Christmas Eve. Come say hello! We're not the mall and you probably won't have to fight for a parking space. We even know how to answer the phone, so you can call in your orders if you want: 508-349-8887. We're right on Route 6, about a mile north of the drive-in.

So order up! We can't figure out how to make the holidays any easier than this. Cut the elves a break and order by December 19 for Christmas delivery. There's even free shipping anywhere in the US on orders over $99! Plus, we make a respectable donation to the American Cancer Society every time an order is placed, so you can feel extra-good about your purchase.

Happy December! After all, December means that opening day is less than 6 months away.

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