Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Reva Blau wrote a great piece in the Banner on Sputnik, who plays with Old Silver Band on August 1st. Love your taste in music, Reva!


Old 97's and more!

We have another great weekend planned for you! And we tried to arrange for some sweet beach weather. Don't forget your sunscreen.

Have you seen Indiscretion? The last time we saw them they played a gig alongside a bunch of other bands. Indiscretion had the opening slot and everyone - all those seasoned and jaded music people - just stood there gaping. And then there was dancing. This band is just so DANG GOOD. You will go home and tell everyone you know about them. So young, so mindblowing, so taking the month of July out with a bang. Thursday night @ 10. $8

And then, happy August! On Friday, August 1st, we have the Old Silver Band and Sputnik.The Old Silver Band gained an enthusiastic fan base of all ages and shared the stage with the likes of Leon Russell, Soulive, The Slip, Gordon Stone, Sara Bareilles, Hot Buttered Rum, State Radio, Naughty by Nature and the Roots. This summer the brothers, Matt and John Beninghof, had the good fortune of performing with Charles Walton at their weekly gigs in Woods Hole. It became apparent after only a few shows that a) drums equal more women on the dance floor b) Charles is a NASTY drummer c) the women on the dance floor love Charles. And with that simple conclusion, a new formation of The Old Silver Band was born. Clearly they have their priorities in line.

Sputnik is a NYC/Cape Cod based band led by Genie Morrow (Longwave, the Sensate Lovers). They combine dreamy vocals, ambient guitar effects, trumpet, keyboards and accordion to create a joyful, summery blend of straight ahead pop, with irresistible melodies. If there was a way to record what a summer night on the dunes sounds like, this band is it.
10pm $8

Oh such a buzz about Saturday's Old 97's show! Not just the buzz around town, either. The New Yorker said "Old 97's have been occupying a valuable sliver near the border of alternative country and power pop for the better part of a decade. With their last record, 'Drag It Up,' in 2004, it seemed as though they might move. Dark and sometimes muted, it found the band grappling with maturity, mortality, and even its own musical future—the lead singer and principal songwriter, Rhett Miller, had recorded an excellent solo album before 'Drag It Up,' and he added another one just after. 'Blame It on Gravity' (New West), the band's new album, represents a full resupply of its most attractive quality—its energy." We can't wait to see them, and it sounds like many of you can't either.
Tickets are on sale now: http://www.wellfleetbeachcomber.com/store/productdetails?productId=8084
Old 97's with Sleepercar, Saturday 8/2, 10pm $22

On Sunday we have the oft covered but never duplicated, Incredible Casuals. It's just not summer without a Sunday afternoon at Cahoon Hollow listening to the Casuals and eating oysters. If a series of symbiotic events can be a landmark, this is it.
4pm $10

Your favorite beach awaits, so come on in - the water's fine. The mudslides are also very fine.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Barnstable County Fair

Our friend Cat, a long time supporter of the local live music scene, is driving in the Demolition Derby at Barnstable County Fair tomorrow (Wednesday). She's smoked 'em in the past and in our humble opinion is the one to put your money on - or at least to cheer for.

The photo's from the Cool 102 website, with the caption "That's Cat in last year's derby after the FIRST engine fire..."

Friday, July 18, 2008

"go forth and be casual"

Sarah Rodman, at Boston.com says of the Incredible Casuals:

"For 28 years this irresistibly antic regional treasure has been closing out the weekend at this venue that boasts one of the most gorgeous beaches on the Cape. Go forth and be casual."

Old 97's and A.K.A.C.O.D. in the CCTimes

Bill O'Neill reviewed old 97's cd "Blame it on Gravity" in the Cape Cod Times:

"Ably mixing a bit of rock and pop into their songs, Old 97's are alt-country survivors, cranking out one tasty album after another, long after Whiskeytown imploded and Wilco went experimental.

Old 97's will perform Aug. 2 at the Wellfleet Beachcomber."

and he gives a shout out to the A.K.AC.O.D. show:

"What could be one of this summer's best Cape shows has been rescheduled. A.K.A.C.O.D. will perform at the Wellfleet Beachcomber Aug. 29 (instead of Aug. 15). A Boston supergroup of sorts, the band is made up of saxophonist Dana Colley of Morphine, singer and bassist Monique Ortiz of Bourbon Princess and drummer Larry Dersch of Binary System. Check out the band's MySpace page to get a preview."

here's the whole thing:


Jim Sullivan covers the Casuals

No, I don't mean he's singing "Crazy Girl." I mean he's writing about them:


Squirrels in the Banner

The Banner did a bit on tonight's Squirrel Nut Zippers show:


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Squirrel Nut Zippers! Bang Camaro! The Neighborhoods!

Hey, who's sold over 3 million records and is coming to the Beachcomber tonight? No, not the Newbury Comics Employee of the month (but good guess).

It's Squirrel Nut Zippers! This is the first time Squirrel Nut Zippers have played on Cape Cod and we're very pleased and proud that they chose the Beachcomber as their virgin venue. They've sold all those records, been in heavy rotation on MTV and played on Regis & Kathie Lee, Letterman, Leno, Conan and Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve (did I mention Sesame Street?). They performed at President Clinton's Inaugural Ball and the Atlanta Summer Olympics, and have had multiple sold out national headline tours. A finer pedigree would be tough to find and many of us can hardly believe our good luck at having the chance to see them right here in our midst. Tickets: http://www.wellfleetbeachcomber.com/store/productdetails?productId=8085

Speeding from the sublime to the ridiculous, we have Bang Camaro tomorrow night. According to MTV News, “Kiss may have had their army, but Bang Camaro is the Army.” Boston's Bang Camaro is a five-piece band with twenty lead singers, described by The Boston Phoenix as “Headbanger's Ball meets Polyphonic Spree,” and named them the Best Live Act at the Best Music Poll Awards. Their song “Push Push (Lady Lightning)” is on Guitar Hero II and “Night Lies” will be in Rock Band II. If it's rock you're after, they won't let you down. Click here to buy tickets:http://www.wellfleetbeachcomber.com/store/productdetails?productId=8079

And then on Saturday we have a night with the legendary Neighborhoods! A punk-fueled garage-rock sound with big hooks, melodies, and snarling six-strings, the Neighborhoods are pretty much where it all starts in Boston Rock. A series of excellent albums, including 1987's Reptile Men (Emergo) and their 1991 major-label swan song, The Neighborhoods (Third Stone), plus their non-stop touring made them the snotty favored sons of the Northeast and dark horses in much of the rest of the country. They called it quits for a spell, but they're back and are very much the real thing. Get yer tickets now: http://www.wellfleetbeachcomber.com/store/productdetails?productId=8065

It looks like we'll be seeing a lot of each other over the next few days. It's okay, we've stocked the fridge.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Film Crew at the Comber

We thought we should give you a little warning, so you can start deciding what to wear. On Saturday night, a film crew will be coming to show the world how incredibly sexy the Beachcomber is. We're not making this up. It's for a Travel Channel program about the 21 Sexiest Bars (in America? the known world? we're not sure). They're coming for the John Brown's Body show, because what's sexier than reggae?

We have two nights of John Brown's Body, tonight and tomorrow, followed by Incredible Casuals and Spookie Daly Pride on Sunday and then Morgan Heritage for the rescheduled show on Monday. Bud E Green's in the house on Tuesday and on Wednesday we're having a record release party for Apse, a Cape Cod band who's gone all international on us.

And then the week just keeps going with more great nights of music: Squirrel Nut Zippers (Wednesday), Bang Camaro (Thurs) and The Neighborhoods (Friday). Check the calender for more updates and additions: http://www.thebeachcomber.com/calendar/

See you at the Comber!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Morgan Heritage rescheduled to 7/14

OH FOR HEAVEN'S SAKES. Morgan Heritage couldn't make it to the Cape today and let us know, um, while we were setting up for them.

So we tried to get the word out, which involved listening to a ringing phone for hours and hours on the request line of radio stations because hey guess what? Radio station people who answer the office line? They go home at 5. So we sent them emails that said things like "hey, can you play that song where the band doesn't show up and the club has to reschedule and/or refund tickets?"

Morgan Heritage is quite sure they can be here by Monday, so we've rescheduled for then. Obviously, the tickets you bought are just fine and dandy on Monday. If you can't make it Monday, give us a shout and we'll refund your $.

Monday, July 7, 2008

reggae in the Banner

"Put a change of clothes in the car, you may not want to go home," says the Banner. They covered our all-star line-up of reggae here:


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Reggae Week starts Tuesday!

We have a huge, as in ridiculously huge, week of reggae just around the corner!

Tuesday brings Morgan Heritage for their first time at the Comber. Wikipedia describes them as "a reggae band formed by five children of famed reggae-artist Denroy Morgan. Despite their relative youth, they have been referred to as 'reggae royalty.' Having grown up in their father's music studio in the U.S. the group, then consisting of eight of the children, made their first appearance at Reggae Sunsplash in Jamaica. They were subsequently signed by MCA and released their debut album Miracles in 1994." It also says they're touring with bands like Steel Pulse and Eek-a-Mouse, which brings us to...

Wednesday: Eek-a-Mouse. Love the Mouse! Everywhere you read about him, people refer to his unique sing-song style of skatting. He is fun to listen to and fun to watch - with a stage presence few can equal. No, we take that back. No one can equal da Mouse.

Thursday we're keeping it up with DJ Bud E. Green, and then Friday and Saturday we have back-to-back shows with John Brown's Body. John Brown's Body is one of those bands that commands lines out the door and down the dunes. Tickets for all shows are on sale now. Remember, we're a small club so don't mess around. Click the links below and get your tickets right now, or you'll be stuck hearing about what you missed all summer.

vital info, links and assorted whatnot:

Tuesday, July 8, 10pm $20
Morgan Heritage "Mission in Progress World Tour"
It's the sound of Jamaican dancehall systems and New York hip-hop boom
boxes, of New England pop radio and California punk rock mosh pits,
all fused into a harmonious whole.
tickets on sale now: http://www.wellfleetbeachcomber.com/store/productdetails?productId=8086

Wednesday, July 9, 10pm $20
"As I continue to present this original music to the fans, and the world, I will
remember and respect those that have made reggae music what it has
become. Music from the downtrodden underprivileged people of Jamaica,
a little island in the sun of the West Indies, to an international
music of the world. I love reggae, because reggae is me the "EEK".
tickets on sale now: http://www.wellfleetbeachcomber.com/store/productdetails?productId=8036

Thursday, July 10, 10pm $5 (or free with pass)
Reggae Night with DJ Bud E. Green

Friday, July 11, 10pm $20
Saturday, July 12, 10pm $20
John Brown's Body
"Of all the stateside roots-rock reggae at it's best, this NY State-based outfit beams that mystic vibe best." - The Village Voice"They are one of the best bands I have heard in a long time because they play authentic, soulful roots-reggae that has an addictive rhythm and fabulous musicianship." - Relix
"America has produced some fine home-grown reggae bands and John Brown's Body is one of the best." - The Beat
tickets on sale now: http://www.wellfleetbeachcomber.com/store/productdetails?productId=8017

See you there!