Sunday, June 5, 2011

Clams! Casuals! Adjectives!

Wherever shall you go, whatever shall you do? Take it easy, Scarlett, we've got you covered.

First, come on down to Clam Jam this Thursday! Fork over a $25 donation at the door and support our Pan Mass team. It's almost like riding across the state yourself except it's way less tiring and there are more clams.* Food's served 4-8pm. We're dishing up fried clams, clam chowder, deliciousness from the raw bar, steamers, steamed littlenecks, boneless Buffalo wings, chicken fingers, and salad for you herbivores. Music starts at 4:00 with The Elbows, 6:00 The Rip it Ups, 7:15 Randy and the Oak Trees. Kids under 10 are free even though half the time they eat more than the adults. We need to think that one through for next year.

Friday is Orgone. We wanted to tell you how great this band is but know you're pressed for time so we condensed only the most interesting of adjectives from their bio. Orgone plays funk, soul, afrobeat, deep rhythms with raw funk power, down home transcendental, tough and gritty funk, fiery soul, hard hitting afro-soul & funk, Memphis-drenched laid-back and cosmic apocalyptic sound with cold-blooded funk gems, lethal neck-busting bass, a deep hypnotic funk soundscape, undeniably hip-shaking, sub-atomic gut punch, heavy psychedelic groove that's 100% organic heart and soul.**

Maybe you better just watch the video.
and then get tickets.

Our perennial favorite DJ Bud E Green spins the next couple Saturdays until Galactic bumps him into next week on June 25. More on Galactic later except you should get your tickets now or you'll get shut out and will have to.... I don't know, dance to your ringtone or something.

Oh hey, guess who's playing Sunday afternoon? Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... The Incredible Casuals!!! 5pm (but you knew that). Yes, we know you are lost and confused without the Casuals every Sunday. We're trying to help. We really are.

Here's the lineup, all orderly-like:

Thursday, June 9, 4pm, $25
Clam! Jam! Pan Mass Fundraiser
The Elbows, The Rip It Ups, Randy and the Oak Trees

Friday, June 10, 10pm, $10

Saturday, June 11, 10pm, $10 (or free with Season Pass)
DJ Bud E Green

Sunday, June 12, 5pm, $10
Incredible Casuals

See you in the dunes!

*At lease we hope so. We're thinking clams and long bike trips are a bad idea.
**That is totally best read aloud.

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