Monday, June 28, 2010

your authoritative guide to the holiday weekend

photo of Boris McCutcheon by Jessica Garcia

Boris McCutcheon, Toubab Krewe, Boston Naturals and Incredible Casuals - coming soon to Esquire magazine's Best Bar in America! That's right, we made it to #1 on the Esquire list - no surprise to you all (or more accurately, thanks to you all). Here's the list that's keeping us company.

And then they interviewed Matt Sugg, who gives it up that women hit on him.

So it's safe to say, things are good around here.

And gettting better because the bands that are heading our way are some of the best we've seen. Bands like Boris McCutcheon on Thursday. He plays high-road hillbilly desert-rat folk, otherwise known as Post-Modern Country. He lives off the grid in New Mexico’s Sangre de Cristo Mountains. With an outhouse. You can read about him in Steve Almond's book, "Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life" (Random House, 2010):

"He spoke in a soft growl and dressed like a mestizo farmer; he had no fixed address. One week he was crashing on a farm in Woods Hole, the next he was with Bones down on the Cape. His pattern of employment was equally erratic. My friend Mitch likes to tell the story of seeing Boris play a Brookline pub and bumping into him the next morning, fixing a sprinkler on the Boston Common. He’d taken a post as an irrigation manager for the city, though he departed some weeks later, after dropping his key ring down a sewer grate, a blunder requiring the closure of a major road and the deployment of numerous city employees along with a giant scooper. He would later memorialize this episode in the song '17 Scoops.'"

We're putting traps on all our drains now.

Then on Friday we've got Toubab Krewe, who blew our minds and jammed our dance floor when they played here a couple years ago. Billboard Magazine said Toubab Krewe "has essentially created the intersection of West African traditional music and American rock."
New York Times wrote: "Asheville, North Carolina may not seem like a stronghold for African-rooted music, but Toubab Krewe has soaked up the patterns and rhythms from Zimbabwe, Congo, Brazil and the Caribbean…"
Boston Herald: "expertly meshed surf guitar with Malian rhythmic patterns, a Dick Dale moves-to-Timbuktu experiment in Afro-California fusion."
Relix Magazine: "deep, Malian desert blues and electric, iconoclastic rock 'n' roll bombast."

If you can get through the happy, dancing throng to get a look at the instruments, it's worth the trip. You're gonna want to be right up close anyway. Tickets are on sale now:

On Saturday we kick off the holiday weekend with the Boston Naturals - a cover band with "more chops than Dunkin' Donuts got shops." Think of your iPod on random and you've got it.

And of course Sunday brings the Incredible Casuals - a band that reached cult status quite some time ago. Come see what all the fuss is about.

None of the above tells you what a non-stop party it is in Cahoon Hollow on a holiday weekend. Honestly, half the entertainment takes place off stage. It's so crazy around here, we have to wait til Monday to have our town parade.

Here are your marching orders:

July 1, 10pm $7 (a freakin steal)
Boris McCutcheon

July 2, 10pm $15
Toubab Krewe
tickets on sale now (

July 3, 10pm $10
Boston Naturals

July 4, 4pm $10
Incredible Casuals

Upcoming shows you need to get tickets now for (names are linked to ticketing pages. You're welcome):

Barrington Levy
Apollo Sunshine
King Yellowman
Kathleen Edwards
Langhorne Slim
Donavon Frankenreiter
Arrested Development
John Brown's Body
Built to Spill
Bim Skala Bim
The Original Wailers
Rhett Miller
Tarrus Riley
Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers
Black Francis
The Beautiful Girls

Rock and Roll will save your life, and what better place to find it than a lifesaving station. Now let's all do some extra-patriotic oyster shooters.

Happy 4th.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Garage Band Weekend and Clam Jam just wouldn't be the same without you

Garage Band Weekend starts tonight! We have a huge line-up of some of our favorite Boston garage bands, including some new bands we can't wait to hear. What's a garage band? Wild & wooly, raw, obscure, trashy, lo-fi, roots-based forms, such as '60s (and '60s-influenced) garage rock, surf/instrumental rock'n'roll, hot rod, frat rock, rockabilly, lounge/exotica, broken blues, greasy soul, R&B, funk, mod, freakbeat, psychedelic rock, '70s proto punk/rock'n'roll, powerpop, punk rock, hard-edged new wave, art-damaged noise rock, '80s garage/surf revival, swamp rock, psychobilly, modern garage punk and noisy, primitive rock'n'roll.

Can you imagine anything more awesome?

Nine bands total, $10 a night, it's a music festival in a bottle. Music tonight and tomorrow starts at 9pm. (Keep reading for the full schedule of who's when.)

On Sunday we've got Turbulence and the Dis n' Dat Band playing the 4pm slot for a little hit of reggae to round out the weekend. It's very possible a whole heap of people will forget to go to work on Monday because they didn't see the Casuals on Sunday. Don't fret, they'll be back next week and the order of the Universe will be restored.

On Thursday June 10 we have the second annual Pan-Mass Fund Raiser Clam Jam - back by popular demand! A $25 donation gets you music and food and lots of both. Kids under 10 are free until 8pm. Everyone's pitching in and donating their time and talents because the thought of riding a bicycle across the state makes some of our heads explode so we're all doing what we can.

We'll be serving fried clams, clam chowder, raw bar, steamers, steamed little necks, boneless wings, kids chicken fingers and salad. That's the clam part. The jam part starts at 4pm with the Elbows, followed by the Rip it Ups at 6pm, Randy and the Oak Trees at 7:15pm and Squidda at 8:30. It's going to be a party. This much we know for sure.

Here are your weekend marching orders:

Friday, June 4, 9pm $10
12am Triple Thick
11:15 Wallcreeper
10:30 Ketman
9:45 Bill Dwyer Band
9pm Banditas

Saturday, June 5, 9pm $10
12am Dogmatics
11pm Scarce
10pm 66 Breakout
9pm Thick Shakes

Sunday, June 6, 4pm $10
Turbulence with the Dis n' Dat Band

And don't forget the sunscreen.