Thursday, May 29, 2008

more summer news


We have some more news that we thought was worth relaying to you:

The "live" beach cam is up and running for the summer, with
a great live shot of Cahoon Hollow Beach and the Atlantic. It runs 5am-8pm Monday - Saturday, and 5am-4pm on Sunday. Oh yeah, we talked to Henry yesterday and he is going to try and get the live stage cam up for the weekend. We got an e-mail from a Casuals fan in Japan who was very disappointed that it wasn't operational last weekend. (He must have been up
at 4 or 5am to check it out!)

Looking for a bargain? Our Rt. 6 store is up and running and has a clearance rack with some of your favorite Beachcomber beachwear at 40-60% off! They will be open Fri., Sat., and Sun. from 11AM - 5PM. If you can remember (before driving by the store), they always have some stuff on sale there - it's definitely worth checking out!

Don't forget to make good use of that season pass you picked up last weekend (or this Friday night - last chance...don't miss out). With your pass admission will be free on Saturday night for Bud E Green, Reggae DJ extraordinaire, and 5 bucks off for the Casuals on Sunday. That 10 bucks you save could buy you one of the yummy offerings off our menu.

Speaking of the menu, we will be serving our full menu (plus lots of specials) on Saturday from 11:30am - 8pm, and from 12 noon - 7:30pm on Sunday.

Here's to a long hot summer filled with frozen drinks and big waves.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Greenheads this weekend!

The Greenheads rocked SO HARD on opening night, we asked if they'd come back this Friday. East Coast Tremors will be opening - recently described as "if Dick Dale and the Cramps had a love child." The consensus is they are not hard to look at, either.

Back to the Greenheads - did you see their new bass player on Thursday night? Sarah Swain (Spike Emerson Society, Professor Gascan, the Sallies, Vein), who's been a special guest for the last who-knows-how-long has moved across the stage to play bass and holy smokes did she kick it. They've worked up some fresh material to go with their new spring look and let's just say our dance floor is not going to know what hit it.

On Saturday we get a night with DJ Bud E. Green, so if you're part of the Not on a School Night crowd and can't come on Tuesdays, here's your chance. And of course there's the Casuals on Sunday afternoon (4ish). Face it, you'll be lost and confused all week if you don't spend some quality Sunday time with the Casuals.

Also, if you missed last weekend, you have another shot at a season pass - free with your paid admission on Friday.

And check out our new blog! Throw us a comment and let us know we're not alone out there in the internets. We've just posted a few pictures and will be adding more as the summer zips along.

See you there!

Cracker 5/25

So on Sunday I went to the Cracker show and planned on being all Adult-like and hanging out back by the bar. After all, I'm not really in that "flirt with the band" place in my life and I'm not so much into crowds. And then I thought, well, I should go up front for a couple pictures - in case we start that blog we've been thinking about. So I scooched and squeaked my way through a mass of humanity (hi again, nice people who let me by!) until there I was, in front of the stage just as David Lowery was belting out Euro-Trash Girl - and I swear he was singing it just to me (while very coyly avoiding eye contact).

Here are the fruits of my total groupiness:

There's that ludicrously dreamy Johnny Hickman on the left. Dan, can we get his solo project here PLEASE?

And this is David singing to me.

Was it worth it letting me up front? Maybe not. But still, thanks.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Greenheads 5/22



The Greenheads

and then photographer had to flee, to avoid mass of dancing people.

Earth Junior 5/22




and special guest, Randy

Monday, May 26, 2008

Opening Weekend

Oh opening weekend, what would we do without you?

First off, opening night is like the first day of summer camp. Everyone is there and if you weren't there I am sorry - everyone else was there. It's always so good to see old friends and lo and behold there's a whole bunch of new people who turn twenty-one every year. They're there, too (they've been waiting so patiently).

Earth Junior (Thurs) invited very special guest Randy McDonald up to sing with them. We're pretty sure Randy is channeling Johnny Cash because that Cash voice just comes out of nowhere. And then on Saturday Barrence Whitfield had an uninvited guest up on the stage - who knows what he was channeling. Barrence REMOVED the guest from the stage, so we gave him a staff t-shirt for doing such a great job. We love Barrence more and more every time he plays.

The Incredible Casuals kicked off their 28th season on Sunday afternoon. According to Chandler (lifted from the Sonic Trout site):
EVERY SUNDAY AT TWILIGHT, MEMORIAL DAY (MAY 25th) through LABOR DAY (AUG. 31st)!!! -THE INCREDIBLE CASUALS AT THE WELLFLEET BEACHCOMBER, (Cahoon Hollow Beach, Wellfleet, MA., 508 349 6055), 5 to 8 -purposefully ripping off your head since 1980 or so. AND FURTHERMORE: For those poor souls who can't make it to the Beachcomber in person every Sunday for The Weekly Ordeal, now you can experience at least a sliver of it through the Beachcomber's stage cam!! (There's also a beach cam, for simultaneous ocean viewing -it's the next best thing to being there, all courtesy of our good pal, Henry Marcucella, who's obviously a genius...)

We got some ink on the Cracker show (Sunday night) - Ken Capobianco wrote an article in the Cape Cod Times and Ann Wood did a story in Provincetown Magazine. You can pick up Provincetown Magazine for free all over P-town (the current issue is not online). And there are pictures from the show coming soon. Soon because unlike Henry Marcucella I am NOT a genius and am having technical difficulties uploading pictures. Blogger says its publishing to our ftp server, but it's lying.

And just because.... This is what they had for the Beachcomber description on the Cracker website (now archived):
Bartholomew Gosnold gave cape cod it's name. but what kind of name is Gosnold? are there any Gosnolds in your phone book? i'm looking at the local phone book and there are no Gosnolds in the phone book. The vikings may have named this area the "Promontory of Vinland" of course this may have also been talking about a part of nova scotia or newfoundland. we will never really know. but one thing is for certain the vikings had much better names than Gosnold. "Erik the Red" for example. even "Lief" is much better. testing testing one two three is this thing on..
Pretty much sums it up.

Monday, May 19, 2008

opening weekend starts this Thursday!

This is it! Opening weekend is just days away! And believe you us, you will forget there was ever such a thing as winter once you walk through that door. And if you walk through the door on Thursday or Friday, you'll get a free Summer Pass with each paid admission. Your pass scores you discounts on selected shows (some are free with the pass, some not so free), and free parking. Free parking! Besides, they look awesome and you want one.

And we don't mean to ruin the surprise but when you open the June issue of Esquire magazine you'll see that they are calling us one of the Best Bars in America. But you knew that already. So now you can point to the magazine and say "see, I told you" to anyone who may not have understood that Best was not just a figure of speech when you were raving about the Comah last summer. You were right all along.

Assuming our math skills are correct and the "est 1978" printed on our t-shirts is not a typo, this is our 30th year! Just think, in 1978 Saturday Night Fever was Album of the Year and we were opening our doors. Crazy, that. Won't you please come wish us a happy birthday?

If you can't wait until Thursday to see the Beachcomber, then glue yourself right now to your television and wait for the new Sam Adams commercial that has clips of the Comah. We've spotted them during Red Sox games because that's when we're most glued. It's sure nice to see those friendly faces and that raw bar. They're nicer in person, but it's a quick fix for the home stretch.

Here's the skinny on opening weekend (read the whole thing or you might miss CRACKER ON SUNDAY):

Thurs. May 22, 9pm $10
The Greenheads, Earth Junior and The Ticks
Get a free summer pass with each paid admission

Friday, May 23, 9pm $10
The Brew and Squidda
Get a free summer pass with each paid admission

Saturday, May 24, 9pm $10
Barrence Whitfield & the Savages
tickets on sale now:

Sunday, May 25, 4pm $10
Incredible Casuals

Sunday, May 25, 10pm $15
tickets on sale now:

Monday, May 26, 10pm $12
Roomful of Blues
tickets on sale now:

Hungry? Our full menu is served Saturday, Sunday and Monday, with a bar menu on Thursday and Friday nights. After the big weekend we'll be open for lunch and dinner Saturdays and Sundays only until June 13, at which point we'll be open 7 days a week for lunch, dinner and late night snacks. Confused? You can always check our calender to be sure:

And if you're hoping to spend a little EXTRA time here this summer, we're still hiring! Positions are open and you can apply on the website:

Easy breezy.

Don't forget: Summer begins and ends here. And it begins this Thursday!

See you then.